Lapérouse Christmas Gift


Gift for 2 persons

A Christmas breeze passes through Lapérouse!
Wedding gift


Gift for 2 persons

A unique and romantic gift in the wonderful “De la Belle Otero” lounge
Tasting menu
excellent wine and food pairings


Gift for 2 persons

Travel through time and flavours: sophisticated cuisine in a Paris restaurant since 1766
Gourmet dinner in a private lounge


Gift for 2 persons

Share a heavenly moment in one of the famous Lapérouse lounges  
Lapérouse tasting menu


Gift for 2 persons

Share a special moment: sophisticated cuisine in a historic location
Our establishment in a fiew words

Founded in 1766, the Lapérouse restaurant is located in an 18th century townhouse on the Seine waterfront in Paris.

This monument to Parisian food allows you to try sophisticated and tasty dishes, such as the Breton lobster, roasted red mullet with cardamom courgette flowers or even calf sweetbread infused with liquorice.